Team Information

The University of Michigan Men’s Club Hockey Team is a Division II member of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) that comprises over 150 members’ teams nationwide. The ACHA is split into four separate regions, the Northeast, Southeast, Central and Western. The University of Michigan plays in the Central Region which is considered one of the strongest divisions in the country and has produced several National Champions. The University of Michigan Men’s D2 Hockey Team has competed many times in the National Championship Tournament. If you would like further information about the ACHA please visit their website at: achahockey.org.

The Men’s D2 Hockey Team competes during the regular season in the Great Midwest Hockey League (GMHL). The league is a combination of 8 teams from the Southeast and Central Regions. The GMHL is considered one of the premier leagues in the country which offers a very competitive brand of hockey and has produced 4 National Champions with member teams consistently being ranked highest in the nation.

The D2 hockey team is run by the players who each year elect officers to perform various duties such as budgeting, scheduling, recruiting, fundraising and securing lodging for road trips. We generally have two on-ice and two dry land practices per week and play games on the weekend. This year all our practices and most of our games are held at Yost Arena, which is on campus. The philosophy of the team is a simple one, work hard, have fun and most importantly your studies and academics come first.



What is club hockey?

UM Club Hockey plays in the competitive GMHL and is a member of the ACHA (Division 2).

Who plays club hockey?

Club hockey is for players who are looking to continue playing at a very competitive level, while still having enough time for social and educational activities. The team consists of former Junior A, AAA, AA, and high school players. Please see the Roster if you would like to see what former teams the current players have played with.

When do tryouts start?

Tryouts will start the first week of classes. Please check the website under tryout information for dates and times and note that you will need to arrive at Yost Ice Arena 45-55 minutes before the start of the first tryout.

What do I do with my bag if I am living in the dorms?

During tryouts you will have to keep the bag in your room. If you make the team, you will be able to keep your bag at a current player’s house.

How often does the team practice?

There are two practices per week on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Where are practices and home games?

Most practices are held at Yost Ice Arena. Home games are hosted at Yost Ice Arena, University of Michigan, Dearborn, Veterans Ice Arena and The Arctic Coliseum.

How long is the season?

Tryouts start the first week of school and nationals will usually end in early March.

What does it cost to play?

Dues will cost between $2500 and $3000. This includes all team expenses.


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